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Several public holidays are observed in Myanmar.[1]

Public holidays[edit]

No. Day Name Date Remarks
1 Independence Day 4 January Marks independence from British Empire in 1948.
2 Kayin New Year Day 10 January 1st Waxing of Pyatho
3 Union Day 12 February Anniversary of the Panglong Agreement in 1947.
4 Peasants' Day 2 March Anniversary of Ne Win's coup.
5 Full Moon of Tabaung 23 March Tabaung Pwè Pagoda Festivals.
6 Armed Forces Day 27 March Formerly Resistance Day (against the Japanese occupation in 1945).
7 Myanmar New Year Holidays 11 - 20 April A period of 10 days beginning from the day before Thingyan Akyo Day.
8 Labour Day 1 May Worker's Day.
9 Full Moon of Kason 21 May Anniversary of the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha celebrated by watering the Bodhi tree.
10 Martyrs' Day 19 July Commemorates the assassination of Aung San and several other cabinet members in 1947.
11 Start of Buddhist Lent 19 July Full Moon Day of Waso
12 End of Buddhist Lent 16 October Full Moon Day of Thadingyut. (Festival of Lights)
13 Full Moon of Tazaungmon 14 November Tazaungdaing festival
14 National Day 24 November Anniversary of the first university students strike in 1920.
15 Christmas 25 December The Birthday of Jesus Christ.
16 Kayin New Year Day 29 December 1st Waxing of Pyatho
17 Eid ul-Adha - The date will be announced by Union Government
18 Deepavali -

Ethnic Affairs Days[edit]

  1. Kachin State Day - 10 January (Only in Kachin State)
  2. Kayah State Day - 15 January (Only in Kayah State)
  3. Kayin New Year Day - 1st Waxing of Pyatho (Public Holiday)
  4. Chin National Day - 20 February (Only in Chin State)
  5. Mon National Day - 1st Waning of Tabodwe (Only in Mon State)
  6. Rakhine National Day - 1st Waning of Kason (Only in Rakhine State)
  7. Shan National Day - 7 February (Only in Shan State)

Government Offices Hours And Banks Hours[edit]

In The Republic Of The Union Of Myanmar,

All Governmemt Offices Hours are:

From 9:30 Hours to 16:30 Hours.

All Banks Hours are:

From 9:30 Hours to 15:30 Hours.

On Pay Day (Banks Hours),

From 8:30 Hours to 14:30 Hours.

Weekely Holidays[edit]

Saturday and Sunday are Weekely Holidays. All Government Offices and Banks will be closed on weekely holidays.


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