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Public holidays in Liberia

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Flags of Liberia. National Flag Day is celebrated in August

The following are public holidays in Liberia.[1]

Public holidays

Date Name Remarks
January 1 New Year's Day
February 11 Armed Forces Day Honors the Armed Forces of Liberia[2]
Second Wednesday of March Decoration Day Day to decorate the graves of ancestors.
March 15 Joseph Jenkins Roberts' Birthday Birthday of the first president of Liberia.[3]
Second Friday of April Fast and Prayer Day Established by an act of the national legislature in 1883.[4]
May 14 National Unification Day Also called “Integration Day,” the purpose is to improve relations between descendants of American slaves and members of the aboriginal population. Established 1960.[5]
July 26 Independence Day From the American Colonization Society, 1847
August 24 Flag Day The holiday was first observed in an 1847 convention, when the founding fathers approved the flag's design along with establishing the new republic.[6] It was established as a national holiday in 1915.[7]
First Thursday of November Thanksgiving Established in 1883, this is a day for prayer to thank God for being born in a free country.[8][9]
November 29 William V. S. Tubman's Birthday Birthday of the longest serving President in Liberia
December 25 Christmas Day

Former public holidays

Date Name Remarks
December 1 Matilda Newport Day Named a holiday by the Legislature of Liberia in 1916. The holiday was abolished in 1980 following the coup by Samuel Doe, due to its divisive nature.[10][11]


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