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Public holidays in Nicaragua are centred on Christianity and the commemoration of events in Nicaraguan history.


Date English Name Remarks
January 1 New Years Many Nicaraguans celebrate New Year's Day at the pool.
February 1 Air Force Day Held on 1 February in honor of the nation’s air force.
April Holy Thursday Celebrated nationally on the first Thursday of April.
May 1 Labour Day Celebrated nationally on the first of May.
May 27 Army Day Held on May 27 in honor of Nicaragua's army.
July 19 Liberation Day/FSLN Revolution Day Celebrated on the 19th of July on a national level. It marks the day that the National Liberation Army defeated the Somoza dictatorships in the Nicaraguan Revolution.
July 25 Fiesta de Santiago Celebrated on the 25th of July in Boaco, Somoto and Managua.
July 26 Fiesta de Santa Ana Celebrated on the 26th of July in Nandaime, Niquinohomo, Moyogalpa and Ometepe.
August 1 Fiesta de Santo Domingo Managuans celebrate Santo Domingo de Guzman (Patrion Saint)
September 14 Battle of San Jacinto Celebrated on the national level. It is held on the anniversary of the battle of San Jacinto which took place in 1856.
September 15 Independence Day A national holiday held on September 15 to celebrate Central America’s declaration of Independence in 1821.
October 12 Indigenous Resistance Day Formerly Columbus Day; Highlights the struggle of native peoples against European colonialism.[1][2]
December 7 La Griteria Immaculate Celebrated nationally on December 8 and in Leon on December 7.
December 8 Immaculate Conception Celebrated in the home; recovering from the hangover from the night before
December 25 Christmas Celebrated internationally.
December 31 New Year's Eve At 12am Nicaraguans celebrate with fireworks (Pólvoras, cohetes) and head to the beach.


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  2. ^ October 12 was formerly Columbus Day but will no longer be observed. President Daniel Ortega and his government have renamed the day "Indigenous Resistance Day" and will be observed as of 2008.