Public holidays in the Republic of the Congo

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This is a list of holidays in the Republic of Congo
Date English Name Local Name
January 1 New Year's Day Jour de l'An
May 1 Labor Day Fête du Travail
June 10 Reconciliation Day
(Commemoration of the Conference on National Sovereignty)
Fête de la Commémoration de la Conférence Nationale Souveraine
August 15 Independence Day (Republic of the Congo) Fête Nationale
November 1 All Saints' Day Toussaint
December 25 Christmas Day Noël

Movable holidays[edit]

The following holidays are public holidays but the date on which each occurs varies, according to its corresponding calendar, and thus has no set date. In order in which they occur:

English Name Local Name Description
Easter Pâques Occurs on Sunday
Easter Monday Lundi de Pâques Monday after Easter
Ascension Day Ascension Thursday, 40 days after Easter
Pentecost Pentecôte Seventh Sunday after Easter


New Year's Day, Easter, Labor Day, Independence Day, All Saints' Day and Christmas Day are widely recognized and celebrated holidays. The other holidays listed are officially recognized by the government's Department of Labor (Direction Départementale du Travail) and are granted to government workers; the government requires that businesses operating in the country also recognize them, though employees, if even familiar with them, tend to prefer working as usual (with government-mandated overtime wages) on those days.