Public holidays in the Soviet Union

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There were eight major Public holidays in the Soviet Union. There were over 30 holidays total.[citation needed]

Date English Name Russian Name Remarks
January 1 New Year's Day Новый год Arguably the largest celebration of the year. Most of the traditions that were originally associated with Christmas in Russia (Father Frost, a decorated fir-tree) were moved to New Year's Eve after the Revolution and are associated with New Year's Eve to this day.
February 23 Red Army Day День Советской Армии и Военно-морского флота ("Day of the Soviet Army and Navy") Formation of the Red Army in February 1918. It wasn't official holiday unlike others.[citation needed]

Is currently called День защитника отечества ("Day of the Defender of the Fatherland") in Russia

March 8 International Women's Day Международный женский день, (Восьмое марта Vosmoe marta) An official holiday marking women's liberation movement, popularly celebrated as a cross between American Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.
April 12 Cosmonautics Day День космонавтики ("Day of Cosmonautics") The Day Yuri Gagarin became the first man in Space, in 1961.
May 1 International Labor Day (May Day) Первое Мая - День международной солидарности трудящихся ("International Day of Worker's Solidarity") Celebrated on May 1 and May 2. Now called Праздник весны и труда ("Celebration of Spring and Labor").
May 9 Victory Day День Победы End of Great Patriotic War, marked by capitulation of Nazi Germany, 1945
October 7 USSR Constitution Day День Конституции СССР 1977 Constitution of the USSR accepted - December 5 previously from 1936 to 1977
November 7 Great October Socialist Revolution Годовщина Великой Октябрьской социалистической революции or Седьмое ноября Celebrating October Revolution of 1917. It has now been replaced with День примирения и согласия ("Day of Reconciliation and Agreement"), celebrated on a Nov. 7 (at least officially) before amendments in Labour Codex (adopted in December 2004, new holiday, which celebrates at November 4 is the People Unity Day ("День народного единства)" in Russia.