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Košice transit company logo

The Košice public transit system operates in Košice, Slovakia. Services are managed by the Dopravný podnik mesta Košice (DPMK), or Košice Transit Company.


Košice transit company was founded in 1891 by Stefan Popper, who built the first track for a horsedrawn tramway.[citation needed] The company had the Magyar name "Kassai villamos vasút", in Slovak "Košicke pouličné drahy", or in English "Košice street roads". In 1914, all tracks were electrified, and the transit company was renamed to "Kassai villamos közúti vasút" (Slovak '"Košicke elektrické pouličné drahy" and English "Košice electric roads").

This system was destroyed in World War I and again in World War II. In 1945, at the end of hostilities, the system was again rebuilt and the company name "Dopravné podniky mesta Košice" was adopted. In 1999 was name changed again to Dopravný podnik mesta Košice.


T6A5 tram on line "R3" transports employees to US Steel entrance area.

The Košice public transit system includes trams, buses, and trolleybuses. There are 15 tram lines, with total length of 177 km, 41 bus routes with total length of 743.1 km, and two trolleybus routes with total length of 25.1 km. The system extends from the city center to industrial areas and outlying villages near the city.[1]


Travellers must have a valid travel ticket. As of 2010, tickets cost 0,25 for students and children less than 15 years, and 0,55 € for people 15 years and older. Passengers older than 70 years, handicapped people, and members of parliament travel free. Tickets are single-use and are time-limited to a particular day, week or month, though students have concessions to this requirement. Contactless smart cards issued by most slovak public transport companies are accepted. Passengers using them can obtain tickets at lowered prices upon boarding in card validators. Cards are also only way of obtaining season tickets, like for one, three and six months. Cards, which are not time-limited, are available to employees. Tickets can also be bought using SMS for 0,80 €.[2]


KT8D5R.N2 tram with low-floor middle part on the Važecká tram terminus.


T3 modernized tram.

All trams used in the Košice public transit system were made by ČKD between 1982-1992. They use standard 1435 mm gauge. There are 4 types of trams:

  • T3SUCS trams manufactured between 1982-1989; 82 are in use by DPMK, 110 were retired.
  • T6A5 trams manufactured 1991-1992; 30 are in use.
  • KT8D5 trams manufactured 1986-1991; 19 are in use, 21 were sold.
  • KT8D5R.N2 modernized KT8D5 trams, which have a low-floor middle carriage. They were modernized in 2003-2006. Five are in use.[3]


Karosa B932E bus.

The DPMK employs 18 models of buses of 6 makes:

  • Karosa-brand buses, manufactured 1994-2005 by Iveco in Vysoké Mýto, Czech Republic. These buses are diesel or CNG powered. The C734, C744, B731, B732, B741, B932 and B941 models are in use.
  • Solaris buses, manufactured 1999-2006 by Solaris Bus & Coach SA. The Urbino 12, Urbino 15, Urbino 15 CNG and Urbino 18 models are in use.
  • Ikarus buses, manufactured 1989-1997 by Ikarus Bus. The Ikarus 280, Ikarus 415 and Ikarus 435 models are in use.
  • Novoplan model C12 buses, manufactured 2002.
  • TEDOM model C12 G buses, manufactured from 2007
  • Irisbus Citelis buses manufactured from 2009 [4]


Škoda 14 Tr trolleybus

The transit system's trolleybuses are three models—the Škoda 15Tr, Škoda 15TrM' Škoda 14 Tr— manufactured by Škoda (1989-1993) and modernized (1998-2006) by Škoda Works Ostrov;[5]

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