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Publicolor is a New York City-based nonprofit organization founded in 1996, by Ruth Lande Shuman, an industrial designer with an interest in the psychological effects of color,[1] that aims to improve education in youth by promoting an imaginative use of color in school buildings.[2]

Its operations include the recruitment of disadvantaged students to paint the walls of their schools, and the awarding of financial rewards to some for their work;[3] Publicolor also has a number of adult volunteers who participate in the students' painting activities, or provide workshops for students.[4]

Also, they provide lifeskills and career exposure workshops, college counseling, summer job placement, tutoring and mentoring.[5]

In 2005, it was among 406 New York City arts and social service institutions to receive part of a $20 million grant from the Carnegie Corporation, which was made possible through a donation by New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.[6]

In 2014 it was named one of twelve recipients of the National Arts+Humanities Youth Program Award by The President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities.[7]


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