Publius Metilius Nepos

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Publius Metilius Nepos (c. 45–c.127) was a Roman politician during the late 1st century.

He was the son of Publius Metilius (b. c. 20). Nepos was Consul Suffectus in 91 and was appointed Governor of Britannia sometime before the murder of the Emperor Domitian in 96, perhaps as early as 92, or at least Legatus pro praetore in 98. While governor, he may have founded the colonies of Colonia Domitiana Lindensium (Lincoln) and Colonia Nervia Glevensium (Gloucester).

Nepos later became a Frater Arvale in 105 and 118, the year of his death.

Nepos was the father of another Publius Metilius Nepos, the Consul Suffectus in 103 and designated for 128, dying before he took office. The younger Nepos married Pontia, and they had a son, Publius Metilius Secundus Nepos, a Consul Suffectus in 123; this son married Aquilia, by whom he had a daughter.[citation needed]


Political offices
Last known title holder:
Aulus Vicirius Proculus
Roman governors of Britain
c. 96-c.97
Succeeded by
Titus Avidius Quietus