Pubnico (village), Nova Scotia

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For more places called Pubnico, see Pubnico (disambiguation).
A government wharf in East Pubnico against the backdrop of the Pubnico Point Windfarm.

Pubnico is a small French Acadian community located in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia on Nova Scotia Trunk 3 .

It was founded in 1653 by Philippe Mius d’Entremont. It is the oldest Acadian community still inhabited mainly by Acadians; most of today's residents are descendants of the founder.

Pubnico comprises three different sections. There are West Pubnico, whose people are almost all French speaking, Pubnico proper, better known as Pubnico Head, whose people are mostly all English speaking, and East Pubnico, the part where is believed to have been located the barony, being occupied by English speaking people, and the rest, up to the Shelburne county line, which is occupied mostly by French speaking people.[1]

Home to the first wind farm in Nova Scotia, Pubnico Point Wind Farm has 17 1.8 MW Vestas V-80 turbines with a generating capacity of 30.6 MW. Commissioned in 2005 and purchased by NextEra Energy Canada in 2008, the wind farm is one of the largest in generating capacity in the province.[2]

Pubnico (village), Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Pubnico (village), Nova Scotia
West Pubnico in Nova Scotia


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