Puchavičy District

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Puchavičy Rajon

Пухавіцкі раён Пуховичский район
Location of Puchavičy Rajon
Administrative centerMarjina Horka
 • Total2.400 km2 (0.927 sq mi)
 • Total71.000
Websiteispolkom website

Puchavičy District (Puchavičy Raion) is a second-level administrative subdivision (raion) of Belarus in the east of Minsk Voblast. Its capital is the town of Marjina Horka.[1]


Main settlements

Vykankam Chairpersons[edit]

The following people held the post at various times.

  • Siarhei Turko (Сергей Андреевич Турко)[2]
  • Fyodor Karalyenya (Федор Петрович Караленя)[3]


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