Puddingstone Dam

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Puddingstone Dam
Puddingstone Dam is located in California
Puddingstone Dam
Location of Puddingstone Dam in California
Country United States
Location San Dimas,
Los Angeles County,
Coordinates 34°05′25″N 117°48′33″W / 34.09028°N 117.80917°W / 34.09028; -117.80917Coordinates: 34°05′25″N 117°48′33″W / 34.09028°N 117.80917°W / 34.09028; -117.80917
Construction began 1925
Opening date 1928
Owner(s) Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Rock-fill
Impounds Walnut Creek
Height 147 ft (45 m)
Length 2,698 ft (822 m)
Spillways Overflow
Creates Puddingstone Reservoir
Total capacity 22,232 acre⋅ft (27,423,000 m3)
Active capacity 16,342 acre⋅ft (20,158,000 m3)
Catchment area 33.1 sq mi (86 km2)
Surface area 490 acres (200 ha)
Power Station
Hydraulic head 135 ft (41 m)

Puddingstone Dam is a 147 ft (45 m) high earth and rockfill dam in the San Gabriel Valley, within San Dimas in eastern Los Angeles County, California.

The dam was built in 1928 by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, which continues to operate it.


Puddingstone Dam serves mainly for flood control. It impounds Walnut Creek, a tributary of the San Gabriel River, to form Puddingstone Reservoir, which can hold more than 20,000 acre⋅ft (25,000,000 m3) of water.[1] The reservoir stores floodwater from both the Walnut Creek Wash, and also the San Dimas Wash, to which it is connected by a short artificial channel below San Dimas Dam.

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