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Pueblo V Period

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The Pueblo V Period (AD 1600 to present) is the final period of ancestral puebloan culture in the American Southwest, or Oasisamerica, and includes the contemporary Pueblo peoples. From the previous Pueblo IV Period, all 19 of the Rio Grande valley pueblos remain in the contemporary period. The only remaining pueblo in Texas is Ysleta del Sur Pueblo, and the only remaining pueblos in Arizona are maintained by the Hopi Tribe. The rest of the Pueblo IV pueblos were abandoned by the 19th century.

The Pueblo V Period (Pecos Classification) is similar to the "Regressive Pueblo Period."


Considerable change occurred during the Pueblo V Period due to Spanish colonization of the Americas beginning in the 16th century and the United States westward expansion of the 19th and 20th centuries. These influences resulted in:

The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center notes, "Today, Pueblo people live in the modern world while maintaining their distinct culture and rich traditional heritage."[1]

Cultural groups and periods[edit]

The cultural groups of this period include:[2]

Notable abandoned sites[edit]

The people from the following sites abandoned their pueblos and generally blended into Puebloans societies in the Rio Grande valley of New Mexico:

Map of Ancient Pueblo People in the American Southwest and Mexico.

During the Pueblo IV period, Four Corners pueblo settlements were abandoned (northern and central portion of the Anasazi region.)
Colorado River tributaries
Pueblos in the Rio Grande valley

Federally recognized Pueblos[edit]

There are 21 federally recognized Pueblos that are home to Pueblo people.[3][nb 1]

Arizona New Mexico Texas
Hopi Tribe
  - Awatovi Ruins
  - Oraibi
Acoma Pueblo
Cochiti Pueblo
Isleta Pueblo
Jemez Pueblo
Kewa Pueblo (Santa Domingo Pueblo)
Laguna Pueblo
Nambé Pueblo
Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo (San Juan Pueblo)
Picuris Pueblo
Pojoaque Pueblo
San Felipe Pueblo
San Ildefonso Pueblo
Sandia Pueblo
Santa Ana Pueblo
Santa Clara Pueblo
Tesuque Pueblo
Taos Pueblo
Zia Pueblo
Zuni Pueblo
Ysleta del Sur Pueblo


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  1. ^ The two pueblos not identified in the Rio Grande valley map of the Pueblo IV Era are the Hopi Tribe of Arizona and the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo of Texas


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