Puente Aranda (TransMilenio)

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Puente Aranda
Carrera 43 Troncal Calle 13-Américas Américas Carrera 53 A
Location Troncal Calle 13
between Carreras 47 and 49
Neighborhood Puente Aranda
Opened 2003

The simple station Puente Aranda, is part of the TransMilenio mass-transit system of Bogotá, Colombia, which opened in the year 2000.


The station is located to the west of downtown Bogotá, specifically on Troncal Calle 13 between Carreras 47 and 49.


The station was opened in 2003 after completion of the Calle 13 portion of the Américas line, from De La Sabana to this station.

The station is named Puente Aranda after the industrial locality in which it is located. It is also the common name of a bridge located the west of the station.

Station services[edit]

Old trunk services[edit]

Services rendered until April 29, 2006
Kind Routes Frequency
Current C04.png Every 3 minutes on average
Express Expreso 170 Every 2 minutes on average

Main line service[edit]

Service as of April 29, 2006
Type Northern Routes Western Routes Frequency
Every 3 minutes

Feeder routes[edit]

This station has no feeder routes.

Inter-city service[edit]

This station has no connections to inter-city buses.

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