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Puerta del Puente.

The Puerta del Puente (Spanish: "Gate of the Bridge") is a Renaissance gate in Córdoba, Andalusia


In the sixteenth century, the authorities decided to give the city a better door due to the state it was that already existed there for centuries. In this way the February 18, 1572 by order of the mayor Alonso Gonzalez de Arteaga was decided to build the Bridge Gate.

The reasons given were mainly it was one of the main gates of the city, (it was therefore the one that received more movement of people and supplies), and the need to enlarge and embellish. Artistic and urban motives were powerful among city officials because of the interest in possible clean up the city.

Gate Bridge was started to build by Francisco de Montalbán although few months later, in 1571, is Hernán Ruiz III which took over the work, because of doubt that the design of the door out different than expected, since they had already begun work. Thus almost the initial budget (from 1400 to 3100 ducats) tripled. However, it seems that the work was stopped for a time in the beginning to almost four years later, in 1576, in which Hernán Ruiz continued his work. However, possibly due to the indebtedness of the City Council of Cordoba and lack of funds, it was unfinished.

In 1912, reigning Alfonso XIII, the area in which the Puerta del Puente was located was stripped of its walls and rebuilt in 1928 as a memorial gate, repeating on the inner side forms the outer side. In the late fifties the level of all the land bordering the door, until the original ground level recovered, hidden by successive overlapping each other buildings were lowered.

In the early twenty-first century, we proceeded to a first cleaning of the Puerta del Puente and also an archaeological tastings were held in the basement of the same. Moreover in 2005, work began revamping of the Puerta del Puente.


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