Puerto Busch

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Puerto Busch
Puerto Busch
Puerto Busch is located in Bolivia
Puerto Busch
Puerto Busch
Coordinates: 20°1′S 57°57′W / 20.017°S 57.950°W / -20.017; -57.950Coordinates: 20°1′S 57°57′W / 20.017°S 57.950°W / -20.017; -57.950
Country  Bolivia
Departament Santa Cruz
Province Santa Cruz
Incorporated (El Alto) 20th century
Time zone GMT-4

Puerto Busch is located in the province of Germán Busch, Santa Cruz Province, republic of Bolivia on the Paraguay River in eastern Bolivia. It is named in honor of General Germán Busch, who fought in the Chaco War.

The area, actually a corridor by the name of Dionisio Foianini Triangle, was awarded to Bolivia in the treaty that ended the Chaco War. The greater area is mostly marshland subject to flooding and is sparsely populated by natives of the Chiquitano and Ayoreo tribe.

As of late 2004 Puerto Busch is unpopulated except for some Bolivian Naval guards. A 140 km. road, corridor Man Céspedes, connects Puerto Busch with Puerto Suárez. A railroad spur from Puerto Suárez is planned for Puerto Busch. A major port is under construction in Puerto Busch which will finally give Bolivia a water route to the Atlantic Ocean via the Paraguay River.

Ships leaving the other Bolivian ports must traverse Brazil via the Tamengo Canal to get to the Paraguay River.