Puerto Del Rey Marina

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Puerto Del Rey Marina
Name Puerto del Rey Marina
Country Puerto Rico
City Fajardo[1]
Web http://travelandsports.com/puerd922.htm

Puerto del Rey Marina is a marina located in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. With a capacity of 1,100 boats, it is one of the largest marinas in the Caribbean.[2][3]

General description[edit]

Completed in 1988, Puerto del Rey Marina is operating at near its capacity of 700 slips on concrete fixed piers and 450 covered dry racks for smaller boats three-high, with extra spaces along piers and at anchor for transient boats.

Open year-round, the marina's busiest boating season is from October through April. Only 30 of the 1,150 boats are used as liveaboard residences. Boats range in size from 30 feet up to 150-foot yachts.[1]

In addition to slips and rack storage, Puerto del Rey Marina offers a wide and unique mix of other services-unusual in the Caribbean. For boat care, there is a full-service boatyard that moves boats with a combination of a 60-ton hydraulic trailer, a 77-ton travel lift, and three marina forklift trucks. Maintenance services include painting and repairs to hulls, fiberglass, and engines. A fuel dock with pumpout is available at the harbormaster's pier. There are no other marinas within a radius of 2 miles, and there is a combined fleet of nearly 2,000 recreational boats in the Fajardo area.

For boaters' comfort, extra-wide fixed (nonfloating) piers accommodate a large number of people walking and motorized carts driven by marina staff who ferry people to and from parking lots to their boat slips as far 1,200 feet seaward.[1]

Management measures[edit]

Puerto del Rey Marina complies with the marina management measure for marina flushing, as well as the measures for water quality assessment, shoreline stabilization, storm water runoff control, fueling station design, sewage facility, maintenance of sewage facilities, solid waste, liquid materials, petroleum control, boat cleaning, and public education.[4]

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