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The Puerto Rico Center for the New Economy (CNE) —Spanish: Centro para la Nueva Economía— is an economy-centered think tank that has emerged as an incubator for future economic public policy in that United States territory.[1] Founded in 1998 and funded by the private sector, the CNE partnered with the Brookings Institution, a national think-tank, to produce Brookings' most recent benchmark economic study of Puerto Rico in 2006, "The Economy of Puerto Rico: Restoring Economic Growth".

Major corporate support for the CNE comes froim Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, Cemex, First BanCorp, Doral Bank, among others, while its main foundation support comes from the Citi Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the Wilbur Marvin Foundation.

The CNE is headed by Yale University- and Vanderbilt University-trained Miguel Soto Class and has a research staff that includes lawyer and economist Sergio Marxuach. Its reports and recommendations usually receive ample coverage in the local press and are highly respected in government circles.

Board of Directors[edit]

Name Position
Churchill Carey Chairman Emeritus
Francisco Uriarte Chairman
Ginoris López-Lay Director
Jacques Chappuis Director
Loren Ferré Rangel Director
Lucilla Fuller Marvel Director
Miguel Soto Class Secretary
Omar Haedo Director
William Lockwood-Benet Director


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