Puerto Rico Department of Health

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Department of Health of Puerto Rico
Department overview
Formed March 14, 1912; 105 years ago (1912-03-14)
Jurisdiction executive branch
Headquarters San Juan, Puerto Rico
Department executive
Child department
Key documents
Website www.salud.gov.pr

The Department of Health of Puerto Rico (Spanish: Departamento de Salud de Puerto Rico) is one of the Cabinet-level agencies directly created by Article 4, Section 6 of the Constitution of Puerto Rico. It is headed by a Secretary of Health, appointed by the Governor of Puerto Rico and requiring the advice and consent of the Senate of Puerto Rico. The Secretary of Health is eighth in the line of gubernatorial succession.[1]


Name in English Name in Spanish Abbreviation in Spanish
Administration of Mental Health and Anti-Addiction Services Administración de Servicios de Salud Mental y Contra la Adicción ASSMCA



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