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Highway 167 marker Highway 167 marker

Highway 167

Ruta 167
Route information
Maintained by Puerto Rico DTPW
Length28.4 km[1] (17.6 mi)
Major junctions
South end PR-156 / PR-7167 in Doña Elena
Major intersections
North end PR-165 in Sabana Seca
CountryUnited States
TerritoryPuerto Rico
MunicipalitiesComerío, Naranjito, Toa Alta, Bayamón, Cataño, Toa Baja
Highway system
PR-166 PR-168

Puerto Rico Highway 167 (PR-167) is one of the main highways in the San Juan–Caguas–Guaynabo metropolitan area of Puerto Rico. Highway 167 starts at Puerto Rico Highway 165 in Levittown and goes until Puerto Rico Highway 156 in Comerío. It is two-lane per direction all through Cataño and a vast area of Bayamón, and becomes rural a couple of kilometers before entering Naranjito. During the rainy season this road is risky as there is chance of rock fall and debris onto the road. This occurs mainly due to an increase in the moisture content of the soil, which loosens the suspended rocks adjacent to the highway. It has been proposed to make this road fully parallel to the future tollway PR-5, which will be extended until Comerío. The future tollway will pass through the only cable-suspended bridge in the island in Bayamón near the border with Naranjito.[3]

The Plata Bridge, a Parker truss bridge built in 1908, was the original connection for route 167 across the Río La Plata, spanning between Bayamón and Naranjito municipalities.[4] It has been replaced by an adjacent modern bridge that now carries PR-167.

Major intersections[edit]

ComeríoDoña Elena0.00.0 PR-156 / PR-7167 – Comerío, Aguas BuenasSouthern terminus of PR-167
1.91.2 PR-780 – Doña Elena

PR-148 north / PR-164 to PR-5 (Desvío Mariano Cotto) / PR-826 / PR-8126 – Naranjito, Bayamón, Guadiana
Río de la Plata8.5–
Puente Plata[5]
BayamónDajaos8.95.5 PR-816 – Nuevo
10.16.3 PR-812 – Dajaos
Toa AltaOrtíz12.57.8 PR-827 – Ortíz
BayamónBuena Vista13.58.4
PR-828 (Avenida Los Palacios) to PR-5 (Desvío Mariano Cotto) – Naranjito, Ortíz
14.38.9 PR-829 (Carretera Luis Mercado Cotto) – OrtízWestern terminus of PR-829 concurrency
14.48.9 PR-829 (Carretera Luis Mercado Cotto) – Buena VistaEastern terminus of PR-829 concurrency
15.49.6 PR-830 (Avenida Doctor John William Harris) – Cerro Gordo
Pájaros17.310.7 PR-199 (Avenida Las Cumbres) – Toa Alta, San Juan
19.211.9 PR-840 (Camino Aldea) – Aldea
Cerro Gordo20.112.5PR-Avenida Magnolia – Bayamón
21.613.4PR-Avenida Doctor Ramón Luis Rodríguez – Bayamón
Bayamón barrio-pueblo22.213.8 PR-2 – Guaynabo, Arecibo
PR-855 (Calle Doctor Santiago Veve) – BayamónOne-way street; westbound access via Calle Ramón Emeterio Betances
Hato Tejas22.814.2 PR-8855 (Avenida Bobby Capó) – Bayamón
23.214.4 PR-29 (Avenida Main Oeste) – Bayamón
25.115.6 PR-22 (Autopista José de Diego) – Cataño, Guaynabo, San Juan, Dorado, Arecibo, MayagüezPR-22 exit 13; diamond interchange
No major junctions
Toa BajaSabana Seca26.9–
PR-Avenida Juan "Picolino" Hernández Ferrer – Toa Baja
PR-866 (Avenida Boulevard) – Levittown
28.417.6 PR-165 (Avenida El Caño) – Cataño, DoradoNorthern terminus of PR-167
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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