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Highway 30
Route information
Maintained by Puerto Rico DTPW
Major junctions
West end: PR-1 / PR-52 in Caguas

PR-189 in Gurabo
PR-203 in Gurabo
PR-181 in Gurabo
PR-185 in Juncos
PR-31 in Juncos
PR-204 in Las Piedras
PR-183 in Las Piedras
PR-60 in Humacao

PR-3 in Humacao
South end: PR-53 in Humacao
Highway system

Puerto Rico Highways

PR-29 PR-31

Puerto Rico Highway 30 (PR-30), known as Expreso Cruz Ortiz Stella, is a main freeway in Puerto Rico which connects the city of Caguas to the town of Humacao.


This highway is considered highly dangerous due to the number of cars that transit it, part because many people in Humacao and nearby municipalities work in San Juan. There are also concerns of cracks and holes, most of them in the right lane in both directions. The highway is in frequent repairs, especially the Caguas-Gurabo segment. There are possibilities that this highway has not been properly repaired, intentionally, because drivers speed up to more than the specified speed limit (55 mph) and having the highway repaired would mean more fatal accidents as a good highway would invite people to drive faster. Nevertheless, the segment between Caguas and Gurabo has been repaired and repaved, and the segment in Las Piedras is being repaired and expanded near the exit to PR-183 mainly because of the large number of vehicles taking this exit and creating a congestion in the freeway. The segments between Gurabo and Juncos are not repaired and have a significant number of cracks and holes. Another problem with PR-30 is that it turns very slippery when wet and cars still drive above speed limit (55 mph). Many people have died in the freeway and is considered one of the most dangerous in the island.

Parallel routes[edit]

PR-198 and PR-189 parallel the freeway almost in its entire length, and they never get far from the freeway. PR-189 (Caguas-Juncos) has two junctions with PR-30- one in Gurabo near Caguas and the other in Juncos. PR-198 does the same in Juncos and Humacao. PR-183 also parallels the highway but it lies significantly south, and two connectors and one exit connect them- PR-203 from Gurabo to San Lorenzo, PR-204 in Las Piedras and the Exit 21 in the same town. PR-183 ends in Las Piedras.

Exit list[edit]

Municipality Location km mi Exit Destinations Notes
Caguas   0.00 0.00 0A-B PR-1 / PR-52 (PRI-1) – San Juan, Caguas, Ponce, Cayey, Bayamón, Carolina West end of PR-30. Coming from PR-52 from south, drivers can access PR-30 without having to go through PR-1, and people from PR-30 can directly access PR-52 north taking the Exit 0A. People who want to take south have to first go through PR-1, taking the Exit 0B, then take PR-52, and people from San Juan going to PR-30 have also to take PR-1. Access to Menonita Caguas Regional Hospital
  2.95 1.83 3 Avenida Rafael Cordero – Caguas Centro The first exit, which connect PR-30 to its parallel route PR-189. This exits grants access to Plaza Centro, the second most important shopping center in Caguas.
Gurabo   4.05 2.52 4 PR-189 – Caguas, Gurabo Grants access to University of Turabo and West Gurabo.
  5.50 3.42 5 PR-203 south – San Lorenzo Connects PR-30 with PR-183.
  7.80 4.85 7-8 PR-181 – Gurabo, Trujillo Alto, Jaguar Access to the main downtown of Gurabo, south to Jaguar barrio in San Lorenzo and further north to Trujillo Alto.
  9.10 5.65 9 PR-189 / PR-9030 – Gurabo Complete, No westbound exit, Eastbound entrance ramp closed.[1]
Juncos   13.15 8.17 12 PR-189 / PR-185 – Juncos, Canóvanas Eastbound exit and westbound entrance. Connects PR-30 with PR-66 and PR-3.
  13.70 8.51 13 PR-189 / PR-9929 / PR-185 – Juncos Centro, Canóvanas, Canta Gallo Access to downtown Juncos and Lirios barrio.
  14.65 9.10 14T PR-31 / PR-189 / PR-9913 – Juncos, Ceiba
Las Piedras   20.30 12.61 19 PR-204 – Valencino, Ceiba Exit to Valenciano area of Las Piedras. A small shopping center with a movie theatre, the largest in the southeast is there.
  21.90 13.61 21 PR-183 – Las Piedras, Montones Access to downtown Las Piedras, and the Montones barrio.
  23.10 14.35 22 PR-921 – Tejas Access to East Las Piedras and the Tejas barrio
Humacao   26.10 16.22 25 PR-60 east / PR-198 – Humacao Centro Access to Center Humacao and North Humacao.
  27.80 17.27 26 PR-908 – Humacao Oeste, Tejas Access to the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao and the Patagonia area.
  28.55 17.74 28 PR-909 – Humacao Sur, Mariana Access to the Mariana barrio. For traffic from PR-30 Eastbound to PR-909 must take exit 29.
  29.45 18.30 29 PR-3 – Humacao Sur, Mariana, Cataño Access to Candelero and South Humacao. This exit can only be taken from PR-30 to PR-3, but not from PR-3 to PR-30. The exit serves as a pass-by route to Palmas del Mar without having to pay the toll found immediately entering PR-53 from PR-30 in the south direction.
  30.50 18.95 30A-B PR-53 – Humacao, Fajardo, Yabucoa, Palmas Del Mar East end of PR-30. To the south (Exit 30A) is Yabucoa and going north (Exit 30B) is Fajardo, 30 kilometers from Humacao
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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