Puerto Rico Highway 60

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Highway 60
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Puerto Rico Highways

PR-54 PR-63
PR-30 approaching PR-60 in Humacao.
PR-60 going west to PR-30.

Puerto Rico Highway 60 or PR-60 (Avenida Dionisio Casillas) is a 3-kilometre-long (1.9 mi) freeway entirely located in Humacao, Puerto Rico. It connects Puerto Rico Highway 30 to Puerto Rico Highway 3 and has two exits:

PR-198, Humacao Centro: Access to Hospital Ryder, one of the most important hospitals in Humacao; Downtown Humacao and East Las Piedras

PR-924, Antón Ruiz: Access to Downtown Humacao and the Antón Ruiz barrio.

The freeway was part of PR-30 before the latter, then called Puerto Rico Alt Highway 30 (or ramal), ended in the intersection with PR-909 near Mariana. When PR-53 was under construction, PR-30 was also extended to its terminus and the Department of Transportation and Public Works of Puerto Rico (DTOP) renumbered the final 3 kilometers of former PR-30 to PR-60.