Puerto Rico Lottery

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Puerto Rico Lottery
Lotería de Puerto Rico logo.jpg
Agency overview
JurisdictionPuerto Rico
HeadquartersSan Juan, PR
Parent agencyPuerto Rico Department of Treasury
Child agency
  • Lotería Tradicional, Loto Plus, Revancha X2, Pega 2, Pega 3, Pega 4, Powerball

The Puerto Rico Lottery is the oldest modern lottery in the United States. The system began in 1934 and is currently operated by the Puerto Rico Treasury Department.[1]

In 1942, advertisements for the Puerto Rico Lottery published in the “Radio Album” asked people to buy the lottery and that earnings would be used to address the tuberculosis epidemic on the island.[2]

Puerto Rico's lottery includes daily “Pick 2”, “Pick 3”, and “Pick 4” games, weekly regular lottery draws on Wednesdays (50 times annually), and two special draws, each prior to Mother's Day and Christmas. The lottery also offers "instant" scratch-off games, which were introduced in 2010. The lottery uses equipment for the sale of electronic lottery tickets from Scientific Games Corporation.[3] Powerball has been added to Puerto Rico's lottery. Mega Millions is not currently offered; there are no known plans for the Lottery to offer it.


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