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Puffin Browser
Puffin Browser Icon.png
Stable release(s) (Android), 5.2.2 (iOS)
Preview release(s) Beta (Windows 7/10)
Development statusActive
Operating systemAndroid, iOS, Windows (beta), Android TV

Puffin Browser is a web browser released by American-based CloudMosa, Inc[1] for Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows and Android TV. The web browser was released in 2010, and utilizes encrypted cloud servers for content processing. The cloud servers enhances loading of web pages and data encryption while also reducing bandwidth. In addition, since the web data used by the Puffin web browser is stored in the cloud, user data remains safe from hackers. The web browser is therefore a suitable browser to use with unsecured public Wi-Fi networks.[2]

Puffin comes with Adobe Flash Player to play Adobe Flash content, especially on mobile devices, where Flash was discontinued due to security issues.[3] It also comes with virtual trackpad, gamepad, and on screen keyboard functions.[4] As a result of the web pages being processed through cloud servers, the user's IP address when browsing the World Wide Web on the Puffin web browser reflects the cloud server's IP address. This causes some websites to detect the Puffin Browser as a proxy server.

In 2017, the Puffin Browser was the top utility application in the App Store across 58 countries including France, United Kingdom, Japan, Italy and South Korea.[5]

Puffin Browser also has a Lite and a Pro version. Ad blocking features were added to the Pro version [6] which does not exist in the lite version.

In addition to Lite and Pro versions, Puffin Browser has several alternatives such as Puffin Academy, and Puffin for Facebook.[7]

As of October 24, 2018, the Puffin Browser has reached over 50 million users on Android.[8]


Puffin Web Browser[edit]

Puffin Web Browser is the standard Puffin Browser application for Android and iOS. The Puffin web browser includes support for Adobe Flash content and features such as mouse cursor emulation and a virtual gamepad.[9] Users are able to choose where to save a downloaded file, either to users' devices or directly to their storage drive. The web browser also allows users to reduce the amount of data being used, such as Flash games that often consume a lot of data.[10]


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