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Puhutv logo.svg
Type of site
Video on demand
Available inTurkish
OwnerDoğuş Media Group
Alexa rank64 in Turkey[1]
Users11 million monthly active users
LaunchedDecember 2016
Current statusActive

puhutv is a Turkish entertainment and video on demand launched in December, 2016 in Istanbul. It is owned by Doğuş Media Group and offers variety of Turkish TV series. Puhutv entered the content-production industry in 2017, debuting its first series, Fi.

All the content is free and ad-supported, there is no paid version. Registration is optional, also Facebook login is available.

List of original content[edit]


Doğuş Group previously launched a similar service called "Sipru" in 2007.[2] "Sipru TV" has been shut down a few years later, however "Sipru RD" for radio service is still available as an iOS application.[3]


After the web site launched, similar services followed. Doğan Media Group opened netd about one month after.[4][5] Also, Apple iTunes Store opened for Turkey in December 4, 2012 only for music and films.[6] TTNET also has a similar subscription-based service, Tivibu.


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