Puig Major

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Puig Major
Mallorca - Puig Major.jpg
Puig Major
Highest point
Elevation 1,445 m (4,741 ft)
Prominence 1,445 m (4,741 ft)
Coordinates 39°48′N 2°48′E / 39.800°N 2.800°E / 39.800; 2.800Coordinates: 39°48′N 2°48′E / 39.800°N 2.800°E / 39.800; 2.800
Puig Major is located in Spain
Puig Major
Puig Major
Majorca, Spain
Parent range Serra de Tramuntana

Puig Major (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈpudʒ məˈʒo]) is the highest peak on the Spanish island of Majorca. It is situated in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. As the mountain is located in a military zone, the neighbouring peak Puig de Massanella (1,364 m) is considered the highest accessible summit on the island.