Puiseux (crater)

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Puiseux crater 4143 h1.jpg
Coordinates 27°48′S 39°00′W / 27.8°S 39.0°W / -27.8; -39.0Coordinates: 27°48′S 39°00′W / 27.8°S 39.0°W / -27.8; -39.0
Diameter 25 km
Depth 0.4 km
Colongitude 39° at sunrise
Eponym Pierre Puiseux

Puiseux is the remnant of a lunar crater that has been almost completely submerged by lava. It is located near the southern end of Mare Humorum, to the north east of the ruined crater Doppelmayer. To the south-southeast is Vitello. Of the original structure of Puiseux, only the upper part of the rim remains above the mare surface. There are some small craterlets within the interior floor.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Puiseux.

Puiseux Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 26.5° S 39.7° W 3 km
B 25.7° S 38.8° W 4 km
C 24.7° S 37.8° W 3 km
D 25.7° S 36.1° W 7 km
F 23.4° S 38.8° W 4 km
G 28.2° S 37.8° W 3 km
H 27.4° S 37.0° W 3 km