Lake Pucacocha (Ocongate)

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Lake Pucacocha
Location Peru
Cusco Region, Quispicanchi Province
Coordinates 13°41′30″S 71°8′40″W / 13.69167°S 71.14444°W / -13.69167; -71.14444Coordinates: 13°41′30″S 71°8′40″W / 13.69167°S 71.14444°W / -13.69167; -71.14444

Lake Pucacocha (possibly from Quechua puka red, qucha lake,[1] "red lake") is a lake in the Vilcanota mountain range in Peru. It is situated in the Cusco Region, Quispicanchi Province, Ocongate District. Lake Pucacocha lies between Lake Singrenacocha in the north-west and Lake Huarurumicocha in the south-east. The small lakes north and south of it are called Alcacocha and Yanacocha.[2]


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