Pukara, Víctor Fajardo

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LocationPeru, Ayacucho Region
Coordinates13°38′45″S 74°22′50″W / 13.64583°S 74.38056°W / -13.64583; -74.38056Coordinates: 13°38′45″S 74°22′50″W / 13.64583°S 74.38056°W / -13.64583; -74.38056
Height3,860 metres (12,664 ft)[1]

Pukara (Quechua for fortress)[2] is an archaeological site in the Ayacucho Region in Peru. It is located in the Víctor Fajardo Province, Sarhua District. The site lies on the bank of the Lucanamarca River, west of Qaracha River, spread over three mountain tops at an altitude of 3,860 metres (12,664 ft) .[1][3]


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