Puketiro Wind Farm

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Puketiro Wind Farm
Puketiro Wind Farm is located in New Zealand
Puketiro Wind Farm
Location of Puketiro Wind Farm in New Zealand
Country New Zealand
Location Pauatahanui
Coordinates 41°06′S 174°54′E / 41.1°S 174.9°E / -41.1; 174.9Coordinates: 41°06′S 174°54′E / 41.1°S 174.9°E / -41.1; 174.9
Status proposed
Owner(s) RES
Power generation
Units operational 40
Nameplate capacity 130MW

The Puketiro Wind Farm is a renewable energy project being developed by the Greater Wellington Regional Council on Puketiro Forest land owned by the council near Pauatahanui, north of Wellington, New Zealand. After a tender process in 2006, RES NZ Ltd was selected to develop the project.[1]

It is planned for approximately 40 wind turbines with a capacity of up to 130 MW.[2]

Wide public consultation was undertaken during early development of the project. 1300 submissions were received, with over 90% in favour.[2] Nonetheless, a group of residents (Pauatahanui Futures Society Inc.) sought an injunction in May 2008 to stop the wind farm from proceeding.[3] The Greater Wellington Regional Council has since withdrawn permission for the three turbines that were to be installed in Battle Hill Farm Forest Park,[4] and banned all turbines from the park.[5]

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