Pulaski Day Parade

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Pulaski Day Parade NYC
2010-10-03 Polonia Technica during Pulaski Parade on October 3rd 2010 in New York, NY.jpg
Polonia Technica, Inc. during the Pulaski Day Parade 2010
Official name pulaski
Observed by New York City
Type city parade
Begins 12
Ends 4
Date October 6
2014 date October 5  (2014-10-05)
2015 date October 4  (2015-10-04)
2016 date October 2  (2016-10-02)
2017 date October 1  (2017-10-01)
Related to General Pulaski Memorial Day

Polish historian Władysław Konopczyński, who wrote a monograph on Pulaski in 1931, noted that he was one of the most accomplished Polish people, grouping him with other Polish military heroes such as Tadeusz Kościuszko, Stanisław Żółkiewski, Stefan Czarniecki, and Prince Józef Poniatowski.[55]

"The Mysterious Stranger", a 1959 episode of the ABC/Warner Brothers western television series Sugarfoot, features Adam West as Frederick Pulaski, a declared descendant of the Casimir Pulaski. However, Pulaski never married or had direct heirs. In the story line, Frederick Pulaski is a concert pianist who defends oppressed Polish miners in a western town. Series character Tom "Sugarfoot Brewster (Will Hutchins), befriends Pulaski in a legal hearing and reconciles him with the young woman to whom both are smitten, Kathy O'Hara (Sue Randall), who is also studying to be a concert pianist. Karl Swenson appears in this episode as Kathy's wealthy Irish father, Dennis O'Hara.[59]

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  • Casimir Pulaski Day, a holiday celebrated in the Midwestern U.S. commemorating Pulaski's March 4 birthday

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