Pulaski Days

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Pulaski Days
Observed by Grand Rapids, Michigan
Type festival
Date First Friday in October
2016 date October 7  (2016-10-07)
2017 date October 6  (2017-10-06)
2018 date October 5  (2018-10-05)
2019 date October 4  (2019-10-04)
Frequency annual
Related to General Pulaski Memorial Day

The Pulaski Days is an annual local three-day celebration of General Casimir Pulaski in Grand Rapids, Michigan where the normally private Polish Halls open their doors to the public. The celebration takes place on the first full weekend in October. Most of the halls involved (14 total in the Grand Rapids area) were established in the mid-to-late 19th century.

The Polish Halls use this event as a fund raiser to maintain their non-profit organizations. The celebration of Polish heritage draws attendance from throughout Michigan as well as other areas of the country with populations of Polish origin.

The objectives of this celebration, as listed on the official Pulaski Days site, are:

  1. To honor General Casimir Pulaski, American Revolutionary War Hero who, as a Polish immigrant, born into a noble family, sacrificed his life for the cause of liberty in America. General Pulaski was the father of the U.S. Cavalry, a General second to none, and a man known throughout Europe for his bravery and perseverance in defending freedom.
  2. To foster recognition and respect to people of Polish heritage and their right to a place of honor among the peoples of the world, and create an awareness of their many contributions to the arts, philosophy, politics, sciences and religion.
  3. To bring together people of all nationalities, to promote understanding, good will, make lasting friendships and acquaintanceships and eliminate bigotry.

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