Pulau Ayu

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Coordinates: 0°22′29″N 131°2′45″E / 0.37472°N 131.04583°E / 0.37472; 131.04583

Pulau Ayu
Pulau Ayu is located in West Papua (province)
Pulau Ayu
Pulau Ayu
Location of Pulau Ayu in West Papua
Coordinates: 0°22′29″N 131°2′45″E / 0.37472°N 131.04583°E / 0.37472; 131.04583
Country  Indonesia
Province  West Papua
 • Land 5.06 km2 (1.95 sq mi)
Time zone Eastern Indonesian Time (UTC+09:00)
Pulau Ayu
Karta ID RajaAmpat Isl.PNG
Location of Pulau Ayu listed as Ayau (Ayu Islands) in the Raja Ampat Islands located in the top right corner of the map.
Location South East Asia
Coordinates 0°22′N 131°02′E / 0.367°N 131.033°E / 0.367; 131.033
Archipelago Ayu Islands
Total islands 5 (2 uninhabited)
Major islands Pulau Ayu, Pulau Reni, Pulau Kanobe
Province  West Papua
Ethnic groups Melanesians, Papuans, Austronesians

Pulau Ayu, often called Pulau Aju, Ayau or simply Ajoe, is a small Indonesian island located in the Ayu Islands above the northern tip of the Waigeo Islands.

Pulau Ayu is part of the Raja Ampat regency of the West Papua geographical and administrative region of Indonesia.

The two major settlements on the island include Imbik Kuan and Ayu.

The island is surrounded by two large reefs.

Pulau Reni and Pulau Kanobe are two other small inhabited islands north of Pulau Ayu.

Access to the island is limited to small boats due to the reefs and the small size of the island.

World War II[edit]

Pulau Ayu and all the islands in the Ayu Archipelago were occupied by the Japanese Empire during World War II from 1942 until the end of the war in 1945.

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