Pulau Jong

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Coordinates: 1°12′54″N 103°47′12″E / 1.21500°N 103.78667°E / 1.21500; 103.78667

Pulau Jong
Name transcription(s)
 • Chinese炯岛
 • Pinyinjiǒng dǎo
 • MalayPulau Jong
Pulau Jong in 2006
Pulau Jong in 2006

Pulau Jong or Junk Island is a 6,000 square metres (64,583 square feet) conical island about 6 kilometres (4 miles) off the southern coast of Singapore. The small island lies north of Pulau Sebarok and the former Pulau Sakeng (now merged with Pulau Semakau). The island is uninhabited, undeveloped, and largely inaccessible.


According to a local legend behind the island's name, a Chinese junk was attacked by Malay pirates one night where the island now is. Just as the pirates were about to board the junk, the captain (the Nakhodah) awoke. When the captain saw the pirates, he uttered such a frightful yell that the sea spirit turned the whole junk into an island.[1]

Pulau Jong in 2014


The island is surrounded by a reef, has no landing jetty, and is composed mostly of cliffs. It is therefore extremely difficult to access the interior. Although the reefs are accessible to kayak, no formal expedition to study the island's interior has been mounted.

In July 2014, a private expedition was conducted with the permission of the Singapore government.[2] An individual swam to shore, climbed the island, and recorded video footage of the island's interior. He found no evidence of terrestrial animals of any kind, and suggested that the island is inhabited exclusively by insects, spiders, and the occasional bird.[3]


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