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Pulau Meranti is the oldest village in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia. This village is located near to Cyberjaya. It has an area estimated at about more than 100 hectares, explored and founded by Dato' Gede Biro Bin Jenangkin ('Gede' means big in Javanese and 'Biro', a mixed Chinese/Malay origin from Palembang) c. 1890s before Japanese invasion in 1940s. Until today, the heir of Dato' Gede Biro from fourth to fifth level is still residing in this village and the original residents of this village use Palembang as a spoken dialect in daily conversations.

Pulau Meranti village is divided into five areas:

  1. Kampung Masjid (name given because it has the only mosque located in the village)
  2. Kampung Pulau Meranti Dalam (Part of it is now a new housing development, Taman Putra Perdana)
  3. Pulau Ibol (was extinguished by the development)
  4. Kampung Batu Sembilan
  5. Kampung Sg Rasau

On 8 March 2014, the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared with 239 people on board, following its last contact with air traffic control 41 minutes after take-off. On 9 March 2014, the Government of Malaysia had established an Operations Coordination Centre at the National Disaster Command Centre (NDCC) in Pulau Meranti, Cyberjaya to monitor the development of the situation.[1][2][3]


Coordinates: 2°57′N 101°38′E / 2.950°N 101.633°E / 2.950; 101.633