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Pemanggil Island (Malay: Pulau Pemanggil) is an island in Mersing District, Johor, Malaysia. It sits 45 km east of Mersing, the take-off point to most islands off the Southern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It is situated next to Tioman, requires a 4- to 5-hour ride by boat from Mersing. To get to Mersing itself takes 4½ hours by car or roughly 6 hours by coach from Kuala Lumpur.

As with most inhabited islands in Malaysian waters, Pemanggil has its fair share of history, mystery and spooky tales. The island is fishermen's best-kept secret. It is known for deep-sea fishing and good hunting grounds for marlins and mackerels.

This remote island is also famed for the beauty and abundance of marine life within its clear emerald waters. Its other magnetic charms include endless stretches of white sandy beaches and awesome snorkelling spots. Fishing and diving is excellent here.

For the adventurous, the hill outcrop of the island makes for a challenging climb and the summit holds an inherent scenic beauty of the far reaching ocean.

On the north-eastern coast of Pemanggil Island is Teluk Lancang, an isolated bay where coconut trees grow in abundance amidst the tropical vegetation. At the heart of the island, there is a huge boulder known locally as Batu Buau which locals regard as sacred. It would definitely not go unnoticed and is clearly visible as far as 50 km from the south of Tioman Island.

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Coordinates: 2°35′N 104°20′E / 2.583°N 104.333°E / 2.583; 104.333