Pisang Island

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Pisang Island
Native name: Pulau Pisang
Coordinates 1°28′03″N 103°15′17″E / 1.46750°N 103.25472°E / 1.46750; 103.25472Coordinates: 1°28′03″N 103°15′17″E / 1.46750°N 103.25472°E / 1.46750; 103.25472
State Johor
District Pontian

Pisang Island (Malay: Pulau Pisang) is a small island situated off the western coast of the Malaysian state of Johor.

The island, which is about 12 kilometres from the town of Pontian Kechil and 5 kilometres from Benut town, is the site of the Pulau Pisang Light, a lighthouse guiding ships into the western entrance of the busy Singapore Strait. Singapore currently operates the lighthouse, and whilst the republic has publicly announced recognition that the island is Malaysian, the recent International Court of Justice decision in favour of Singapore over ownership of Pedra Branca (Batu Puteh) has given rise to fears that Singapore may one day claim Pisang Island as well.[1]


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