Pulau Samulun

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Pulau Samulun
Subzone of Boon Lay Planning Area
Name transcription(s)
Pulau Samulun is located in Singapore
Pulau Samulun
Pulau Samulun
Location of Pulau Samulun within Singapore
Coordinates: 1°18′N 103°42′E / 1.300°N 103.700°E / 1.300; 103.700Coordinates: 1°18′N 103°42′E / 1.300°N 103.700°E / 1.300; 103.700

Pulau Samulun is an offshore island in Jurong Industrial Estate, Singapore. It is separated from mainland Singapore by Selat Samulun. It is only less than a kilometre away from Singapore mainland. Jurong Shipyard is located in Pulau Samulun and it also houses a food centre that caters to the workers working there. Samulun is from "sembulun" a tribe of Orang Laut who once lived here.

Before the island was expropriated for industrial development in 1961 with the relocation of 150 families, there was a mosque on top of a knoll and a school catering to the local Malay community. A bridge joining Jurong Industrial Estate and Pulau Semulun (as it was then known) was completed in 1964 which was the second largest bridge in Singapore.

There is only one road in Pulau Samulun called Jalan Samulun and it links Shipyard Road in mainland Singapore to Pulau Samulun.


SBS Transit Jurong Industrial Service 249 travels between Boon Lay Interchange and Jalan Samulun. It is also one of the 2 Singapore public bus services that ply outside of Singapore mainland apart from cross border services (160, 170 and 950).