Pulau Sarimbun

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Pulau Sarimbun
Pulau Sarimbun is located in Singapore
Pulau Sarimbun
Pulau Sarimbun
LocationStraits of Johor
Coordinates1°26′3.192″N 103°41′6″E / 1.43422000°N 103.68500°E / 1.43422000; 103.68500Coordinates: 1°26′3.192″N 103°41′6″E / 1.43422000°N 103.68500°E / 1.43422000; 103.68500
Area1.4 ha (3.5 acres)

Pulau Sarimbun (previously also spelled Pulau Serimbun or Pulau Srimbun[1]) is a small island situated in the Straits of Johor,[2] off the north-western coast of Singapore. Located within Singapore waters, it has an area of 1.4 hectare.[3]

It has been inhabited in the 1930s by William Arthur Bates Goodall. Goodall was a regular visitor in the 1920s and subsequently lived there permanently in the 1930s till his death in 1941.[4]


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