Pule cheese

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Country of originSerbia
TownSremska Mitrovica, at the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve
Source of milkDonkeys and goats

Pule cheese or magareći sir, is a Serbian cheese made from 60% Balkan donkey milk and 40% goat's milk.[1][2]

The cheese is produced in Zasavica Nature Reserve.

Pule is reportedly the "world's most expensive cheese", fetching US$1300 per kilogram.[3][4][5] It is so expensive because of its difficulty to produce, and its rarity: there are only about 100 jennies in the landrace of Balkan donkeys that are milked for Pule-making and it takes 25 litres (6+12 US gal) of milk to create one kilogram (2 lb 3 oz) of cheese.[3] Among its devoted enthusiasts is Novak Djokovic, who was once rumoured to have purchased the entire supply, although he denied it.[6]

The taste of Pule cheese is reputed to be similar to that of manchego, a combination of nutty and earthy flavours, accompanied by a crumbly texture.[6]

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