Puli Thevar

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Puli Thevar
Palaiyakkarar of Nerkattumseval
Puli Thevar Statue in his Nerkattumseval Palace 2013-08-12 06-35.jpeg
Puli Thevar Statue in his Nerkattumseval Palace
Reign1 September 1715 – 16 October 1767
SuccessorBritish Rule
Diedaround 1767
Tamil Nadu
SpouseKayalkani Nachiyar
FatherChitraputra Thevar
MotherSivagnanam Nachiyar

Puli Thevar (Tamil: பூலித்தேவன், translit. Pūlittēvaṉ) was a Tamil Polygar who ruled Nerkattumseval, situated in the Sankarankoil taluk, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.[1][2] He is notable for being one of the earliest to oppose British rule in India.[3][4]

Early life[edit]

Puli Thevar, who use the title Thevar, was born in the Maravar community in the Puli Nadu, a smaller region of the Pandya Nadu.[5]

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