Pulkit Jaiswal

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Pulkit Jaiswal
Jaiswal Emtech Asia.jpg
Jaiswal at the 2016 MIT Technology Review Conference in Singapore
BornJanuary 01, 1993
ResidenceSingapore, United States
Known forSwarmX, Garuda Robotics
AwardsMIT Technology Review Innovator Under 35
Scientific career
FieldsRobotics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
InstitutionsGaruda Robotics; SwarmX

Pulkit Jaiswal (born January 1, 1993) is an entrepreneur, engineer[1] and Founder-CEO of SwarmX, a drone technology innovations company. He is best known for his work in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones.[2]


At the age of 19, Pulkit dropped out of college and moved to Silicon Valley and founded Garuda Robotics, a company that provides drone technology based software services to businesses. In November 2013, Garuda Robotics received an award and worldwide acclaim for demonstrating coffee delivering drones at a tech conference.[3] He succeeded in raising more than $1 Million in venture capital funding for his venture.[4] In 2015, Pulkit departed from Garuda Robotics and founded SwarmX, a company with aims to build fully autonomous drone systems.[5]

Jaiswal and Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg at the Hive launch in Singapore in 2016


In July 2015, Pulkit Jaiswal and his longtime friends, Nigel Wylie and Roger Chang (co-founder of Pirate3D), started SwarmX, a drone technology company with an aim to fully automate drone systems. The company developed and marketed a drone docking station called the Hive, for large asset holding companies that could employ fully autonomous drones for monitoring their critical assets.[6] In January 2016, the company launched its first commercially ready version of the Hive.[7] In March 2016, SwarmX announced a partnership with DNV GL, world's largest industrial asset classification society,[8] to deploy drone docking stations along solar farms and wind farms.[9] The partnership was marked by the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg's visit to a solar farm test site where the Hive was deployed.[10]



Jaiswal is deeply influenced by futurist Ray Kurzweil and believes genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology will be the main drivers of the upcoming technological singularity, an event where the rise of artificial intelligence will lead to exponential technological progress with an unpredictable effect on society:

"He draws the famous curve charting how technology is on the cusp of exploding upwards after a relatively flat trajectory. SwarmX, he points with his marker pen, could be at a point just before the inflection."[11]

Awards and recognition[edit]

  • In 2013, Jaiswal became a finalist in 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship.
  • Featured by Future Magazine (France) in "7 innovators under 20 to watch."[12]
  • In 2016, Jaiswal was the youngest among 10 outstanding innovators under 35 in Asia chosen by MIT Technology Review.[13]

Coverage in books, television[edit]

Pulkit Jaiswal is the subject of a number of books and television documentaries.

  • June 2015: Jaiswal was featured in an Amazon bestseller, 'The Topper Prepares'.[14]
  • July 2015: Pulkit was featured as a contributing author in '2 Billion Under 20'.[15]
  • November 2015: TV documentary on Franco-German TV network, Arte TV.[16]


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