Pulling Double Booty

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"Pulling Double Booty"
American Dad! episode
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 6
Directed by John Aoshima
Written by Brian Boyle
Production code 3AJN21
Original air date November 16, 2008
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
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"Escape from Pearl Bailey"
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"Phantom of the Telethon"
American Dad! (season 5)
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"Pulling Double Booty" is the sixth episode of the fifth season of the animated comedy series American Dad!, an episode produced for Season 3. It first aired in the United States on Fox on November 16, 2008. This story centers around Hayley, who goes on a rampage shortly after Jeff breaks up with her. Francine and Stan try to help their daughter get through the grief, as the police have informed them that she will go to jail if she has another rampage. Francine later peeps into Hayley's room one night, only to find her making out with a person that closely resembles Stan. Disturbed and horrified, she confronts Stan only for the look-alike to come out with Hayley. The look-alike, named Bill, is later caught by Stan after an attempt to have sex with Francine. They kick him out of the house, and Stan vows to act as Bill to prevent Hayley from going on another rampage. Meanwhile, Roger and Steve get summer jobs of determining the sex of baby chicks.

This episode was written by Brian Boyle and directed by John Aoshima. It received mixed reception from television critics upon its release, with much of the praise going on to the delivery of the main storyline. It features guest appearances from Mike Barker, Leslie Bega, Chris Diamantopoulos, Michael Dunn, Erik Durbin, Jon Fener, Jeff Fischer, Josh Gad, Steve Hely, Patrick Stewart, John Viener, Gedde Watanabe, and Keone Young.[1]


Stan sneaks the cookie dough Francine tells him not to eat and hides it before she finds out. Hayley and Jeff then announce that they are going to the store to buy beads so Jeff could open his own bead store. Hayley says good-bye and "I love you" but Stan just says "OK". Francine asks why he can't admit he loves Hayley. Stan says he can but only plans to when she is in last moment of incurable cancer so she dies happy. At the CIA, Bullock gives a lecture that body doubles are for work purposes only after Saunders' double reveals the ruse of him making love with a stewardess while intoxicated. At the mall, Hayley goes on a destructive rampage after Jeff ends their relationship. Stan rushes to the mall and reprimands Jeff, also explaining Hayley goes on a rampage every time a boyfriend breaks up with her. Stan eventually stops her with 19 tranquilizer darts and brings her home. He informs Francine that the police officers will make Hayley go to jail if she goes on another rampage after this.

To prevent this, he starts to dictate who Hayley gets to date with or not, airlifting guys she is interested in. Back home, Stan excuses himself to "feed Klaus" downstairs, and Francine follows him. On the way down, she peeks into Hayley's room, only to pass out after seeing Hayley and Stan make out and attack Stan for having sex with his own daughter. Hayley comes downstairs with Bill, his CIA body double, whom she was making out with earlier, rather than with Stan. Francine is relieved that Stan isn't in an incestuous relationship with his daughter, but she still throws up over the thought. Hayley explains to everyone: After throwing a salad at Bill's face at the CIA cafeteria, thinking he was her father, they engage in a conversation, finding a lot of things in common, and started dating. Stan realizes Bill is perfect for Hayley, but if he dumps her, she'd go maximum insane: She would kill Bill, burn down the neighborhood, and rape Roger. The couple go on a date at a beach with Stan and Francine, and in the water, Stan gives Bill a detailed description of how hot Francine is, leading Bill to later make out with her in the house kitchen and attempt to sleep with her in the bedroom. Angered, Stan defenestrates him and threatens to kill him if he ever sees Hayley again, which raises back the concern of Hayley's outburst, this time due to Bill's disappearance.

Stan disguises himself as Bill and goes on a date with Hayley. He tells Francine that if "Bill" annoys and offends her enough, Hayley will dump him and there would not be any rampages or jail time. At a hotel, Stan attempts to convince her to break up with him, by making her carry all the bags, belching at her face, and hitting on an attractive diner waitress. Rather than bothering her, all this excites her, much to his fear as she wants to go "all the way" with him. He takes her to the middle of a forest, where she starts complaining about how her father never says he loves her. Still acting as Bill, Stan tells her that her father puts a candy in her mouth every night so she gets "sweet dreams" and kisses a photo of her on his desk before each CIA mission, all of which seem to be all Hayley wants to know. Relieved, Hayley calls Stan, ringing on his cell phone and revealing the ruse. Enraged at the thought of Stan lying to her, Hayley burns down the forest they were hiking in.

Meanwhile, Roger convinces Steve to go to Chinatown for their "summer of exotic adventure". The latter acquires a summer job of determining the sex of baby chicks and takes the former with him. But Roger is disappointed because he wanted a memorable summer vacation with him rather than working. When he learns the male chicks are being made into slurry, Steve rescues as many as he can, confines them in a tool shed, and raises them to adulthood. However, Roger kidnaps the chickens and holds a cockfight as way to earn extra money, much to Steve's anger. Steve makes a deal with Roger that the winner of the fight gets to keep the chickens. After a brief skirmish, Steve frees the whole brood, who all run into the street, where they are fatally struck by oncoming cars. Roger proceeds to clock Steve with a folding chair when he mourns.


"Pulling Double Booty" was met with mixed response from television critics and fans alike.

Steve Heisler of The A.V. Club gave it a positive review, going on to write, "I never thought I'd be writing the following words: I…thought they did an okay job with the whole "incest" thing. Yeah, Hayley falls for a guy who's Stan's exact double, but Francine's reenactment of prison shanking [...], Stan and Hayley's uncomfortable dinner and even Stan's momentary excitement that Hayley had found someone of whom he [...] approved worked in the episode's favor. They didn't hammer us with the Stan-lookalike aspect, only played it for maximum [...] comedic effect."[2] Heisler also praised the subplot of the episode, saying, "I enjoyed Steve's momentary career as a chicken sexer, complete with Roger's cock-fighting hijack–wow, I guess I never thought I'd be writing those words either."[2] He went on to give the episode a B-, the lowest grade of the night, tying with King of the Hill episode "A Bill Full of Dollars", but scoring lower than The Simpsons episode "Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words" and Family Guy episode "Tales of a Third Grade Nothing".

The Parents Television Council, a conservative media watchdog group that are frequent critics of American Dad, as well as all other television programs produced by Seth MacFarlane - including Family Guy and The Cleveland Show - named "Pulling Double Booty" the "Worst TV Show of the Week" for the week of November 22, 2008.[3] [4]In a negative review for the episode, the group criticized the episode for "sexually explicit dialogue and a nauseating incestuous plot", and went on to write, "So far, nothing has been more disturbing than the repugnant plot of the November 16th [...] episode of American Dad."[3] In conclusion of their review, they wrote, "Thankfully, Stan never sleeps with his own daughter. And technically, sleeping with Bill wouldn’t have been incest. Yet, no amount of hair-splitting will make this episode any less cringe-inducing."[3]


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