Pulot tartal

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Pulut tai tai/Pulut tekan
CourseDessert; snack
Place of origin Malaysia
Region or state Melaka
Serving temperatureRoom temperature
Main ingredientsGlutinous rice steamed in coconut milk, then dyed with bunga telang

Pulot Tartal, pulut tai tai or pulut tekan is a Nyonya glutinous rice dessert. Originating from Melaka, Malaysia, it is also commonly served in other states in the country as well.


Glutinous rice (pulut) is steamed in coconut milk. The rice is then dyed blue with bunga telang (Clitoria ternatea). It is usually served with kaya as a dipping.[1]

Similar dishes[edit]

It is different from, and often confused with nasi kerabu, which originated from Kelantan. Both pulut tekan and nasi kerabu are dyed blue with the same bunga telang flower.


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