Pulp and paper industry in India

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The pulp and paper industry in India is one of the major producers of paper in the world. In recent years India has adopted new manufacturing technology.[1]

Major paper pulp and paper manufacturers of India[edit]

  • Camerich Papers Pvt. Ltd.
  • BMC Paper Mills Limited
  • Ballarpur Industries Limited
  • JK Paper Limited
  • Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Limited
  • Century Pulp & Paper
  • International Paper - Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Limited
  • West Coast Paper Mills Limited
  • Sangal Papers Ltd.
  • Trident India Limited
  • Orient Paper & Industries Limited
  • Emami Paper Mills Limited
  • Rainbow Papers Limited
  • Yash Papers Limited
  • Sidharth Papers Limited
  • Murli Industries Limited
  • Kuantum Paper Limited
  • Bindal Papers Limited
  • Servalakshmi Paper Mills Limited
  • Khanna Paper Mills Limited
  • Aura Paper Industries (India) Private Limited
  • Yash Papers


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