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Developer(s) Aquafadas SAS
Stable release 3.0.6
Operating system Mac OS X
Available in (English, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese)
Type Motion graphics / Animation
Website www.aquafadas.com

PulpMotion is an animated slideshow application for Mac OS X, developed by Aquafadas. PulpMotion was awarded the 2006 MacGeneration Trophy for the Best Shareware.[1]


The software allows users to create animations with anything from the iLife software suite. It also supports video capture from devices like the iSight. Users create animations by dragging and dropping their photos, movies and music and then applying a visual theme.

PulpMotion also offers users ways to share their creations:

  • Send video postcards or screensavers by email.
  • Podcast video animation using GarageBand.
  • Put animation onto an iPod.
  • Publish animation to a webpage using iWeb.
  • Or export animations for further editing in iMovie or Final Cut.


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