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Pulver is the German word for powder (origin: Latin pulverizare) from pulvis—dust—and may refer to:

Pulver is the surname of:

  • David L. Pulver, Canadian freelance writer and game designer
  • Hans Pulver (1902–1977), Swiss football player
  • Jeff Pulver, Chairman and founder of pulver.com, and a founder of the VoIP industry
  • Jens Pulver (born 1974), United States based professional mixed martial artist
  • Joseph S. Pulver (born 1955), American writer
  • Lara Pulver (born 1980), English actress
  • Lev Pulver (aka Leib Pulver, Leo Pulver, 1883–1970), Russian composer and violinist
  • Liselotte Pulver (aka Lilo Pulver, born 1929), Swiss actress
  • Max Pulver (1889–1952), Swiss writer of graphology books

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