Pulverized Vinsol resin

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Pulverized Vinsol resin (PV resin) is a substance that is extracted from pinewood stumps. It has a dark brown color and a high melting point. It is a thermoplastic natural resin. Vinsol is produced exclusively by Pinova, Inc. in Brunswick, Georgia, USA. Because of its physical and chemical properties and its aliphatic-hydrocarbon insolubility, Vinsol resin is used in a wide range of industrial applications.


In a finely ground state it is used for testing filters for clogging. e.g. in accordance with SAE HS 806. The powder which is free-flowing may be suspended in a liquid for testing purposes.

Adhesives and sealants

Inks and coatings

Binder in paper board and composition board

Asphalt anionic slow-setting emulsions for paving, surfacing and sealing applications

Air entrainment in concrete, cements and mortars to improve strength, workability, and freeze thaw resistance

Foundry molds and core washes


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