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Pumbedita is located in Iraq
Shown within Iraq
Location Iraq In the vicinity of Fallujah, Iraq
Coordinates 33°21′04″N 43°47′10″E / 33.351111°N 43.786111°E / 33.351111; 43.786111

Pumbedita (sometimes Pumbeditha, Pumpedita, or Pumbedisa; Aramaic: פומבדיתא‎) was the name of a city in ancient Babylonia close to the modern-day city of Fallujah. The city had a large Jewish population and was famed for its Talmudic academy scholarship that, together with the city of Sura, gave rise to the Babylonian Talmud. The academy there was founded by Judah ben Ezekiel in the late third century. The academy was established after the destruction of the academy of Nehardea. Nehardea, being the capital city, was destroyed during the Persian-Palmyrian war.

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