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Pumwani is located in Kenya
Location of Pumwani
Coordinates: 1°16′55″S 36°50′42″E / 1.282°S 36.845°E / -1.282; 36.845Coordinates: 1°16′55″S 36°50′42″E / 1.282°S 36.845°E / -1.282; 36.845
ProvinceNairobi Province
 • Total29,616
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Pumwani is an estate of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. In 2005 it had an estimated population of 29,616.[1]

The Pumwani Maternity Hospital is located in Pumwani. It is the largest public maternity hospital in Kenya.[2]

Many of Kenyan freedom fighters are known to have lived in Pumwani including the first and the second presidents i.e Mzee Kenyatta, Moi. It is also the place where Lord Burden Powell founded the first scouts movement in the interior of Africa.

The St. John's Church is also located in Pumwani.[3] It is the seat of St. John's Archdeaconry of Anglican Church of Kenya.[4]

Pumwani division[edit]

Pumwani is also a name of a larger administrative area, Pumwani division. The division is subdivided into five locations: Bahati, Eastleigh North, Eastleigh South, Kamukunji and Pumwani.[5]

Pumwani division has identical borders with Kamukunji Constituency. Pumwanis chief name is Karanja Pumwani subchief name?