Mount Yamin

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Mount Yamin
Puncak Yamin / Prins Hendrik-top
Mount Yamin is located in Papua
Mount Yamin
Mount Yamin
Papua Province, Indonesia
Elevation 4,540 m (14,900 ft)
Prominence 700 m (2,300 ft)
Range Jayawijaya (Orange) Range
Coordinates 4°40′59″S 140°04′52″E / 4.68306°S 140.08111°E / -4.68306; 140.08111Coordinates: 4°40′59″S 140°04′52″E / 4.68306°S 140.08111°E / -4.68306; 140.08111

Mount Yamin (also Puncak Yamin or Prins Hendrik-top) is a peak found in Papua Province, New Guinea. Rising around 4,540 m (14,900 ft), it is the fourth highest freestanding mountain in New Guinea. The mountain is poorly surveyed and explored (no records of any climbs or expeditions).


In 1913, Mount Yamin (or Prins Hendrik-top, now Puncak Yamin) was named and reported to have some "eternal" snow. Although this "snow" has disappeared since then.

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